In 1993, Heinz Müller and his wife Ruth touched down in Mombasa, Kenya. Heinz’s initial plan was to set up East African subsidiaries for his Swiss logistics company before heading back to Switzerland. But Africa soon became home – and the people they met there like family.

After handing over the reins of his logistics business, Heinz wanted to find another way to use his unique knowledge, skills and international contacts to drive economic development in East Africa. Living in the heart of the Kenyan cashew-growing region, he realised that the answer was staring him in the face. Markets for top-quality value-added African nut products were booming across Europe but local communities lacked the technology needed to process cashews in Kenya.

That’s when Nuts & More was born. The company operates an ultra-modern processing facility and is based on an innovative business model designed to strengthen communities in the coastal, cashew-growing regions of Kenya. Starting with cashews – the inspiration for the business venture – Heinz has longer-term plans to process a wider range of agricultural products from the region to enable communities to diversify and broaden their sources of income.


For our family-owned company, investing in Kenyan local communities is a key part of our business philosophy. At the same time, our European roots make us a global player: we understand international markets and European consumer requirements.

Our unique approach couples innovative, modern processing technology with investment in agricultural development on the ground. This means that customers can reliably source top-quality nuts at competitive prices from short and transparent supply chains, while having a positive social impact on the communities that Nuts & More works within.

Reliable Sourcing of Raw Materials

Our three-pronged raw materials strategy ensures that we always have sufficient supply to meet customer demand. We operate our own farms, and also source directly from farmer networks and contract farmers.

We provide our agricultural partners with ongoing practical support on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). This strengthens agricultural resilience in the region, providing farmers with a stable living wage while guaranteeing Nuts & More customers products of the highest quality.


Our aim is to process Kenyan cashews in state-of-the-art-facilities at source, increasing added value in coastal Kenya. Applying the best technology available, we are one of the very few fully mechanized plants with semi-automated processing lines in Kenya.